BMS – Consultancy

BMS – Consultancy

We truly have our clients’ best interest at heart! That is why Caresoft Solutions run all types of audits and only as necessary, because we are not here to sell anything beyond our scope of works..

Our pay-per-use services are designed for building owners and/or any small owner’s corporation who, in the absence of a building manager, desperately needs to have someone in the corner! We will operate client-side, and liaise with all stakeholders to deliver any of the below services, including (but not limited to): –

  • Frontline Integration (day-to-day task management and digital automation of processes)
  • Compliance Projects (Fire, WH&S, Upgrades)
  • Work Order Management (integration and streamlining of repairs and maintenance duties)
  • Remedial Engineering Work
  • PMS (Preventive Maintenance Schedules)
  • Construction Project Management (Contract Administration, going to tender process and analysis, variations, executions, and more)
  • Defect Coordination (DLP, 2yr, and 6yr defect claims with follow-up until rectification close-out)
  • Asset Lifecycle Planning (IMS, AMP, Budgeting, scheduled obsolescence)
  • Strata Management Liaison (the go-between for presentations and representation at meetings)
  • Website Development & Facility services integration

When you engage Caresoft Solutions, you can be sure that you are engaging a true field specialist, acting as the go-between, or your whip, to defend your interests no matter what!

We concentrate on the job at hand. We never worry about the next job, or what there is to gain from it, as at Caresoft Solutions, we understand that favour cometh by wisdom, and wisdom by the Word of God alone!

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